Focus: Therapy for Individuals, couples, Marriage, families, children, adolescents and pastors.
Therapy offered in person or via HIPPA compliant online Teletherapy.



As a life coach my role is to help people clarify their thinking and actions about life goals, life purpose, especially their thinking about how they want to live their life. Our examination of these things will be deep and thorough in the interest of understanding such things as your worldview, your manner of thinking and patterns of false beliefs about what is true and dependable.

 In the interests of being most effective homework will be assigned and there will be an expectation that the work will be completed.

 My manner of coaching will include a great deal of encouragement, interactivity and strategic humor to keep things flowing and interesting.

 We will examine what has worked in your life what has not worked so that we can drill down into new plans for how to approach life.

 Since most of the issues in life revolve around morals and values we will look at what foundation of thinking you might be using that is not serving you well. Our plan will be to build off of your strengths and strengthen your areas of challenge.

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